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How to unschool and stay registered in NSW.

One of the first things that people new to unschooling ask is “Is it legal?” Is it legal to give your children the freedom to learn through following their interests and exploring the world in their own unique way? 

The short answer is “YES”, provided you have registered for homeschooling. 

To successfully apply for and maintain home schooling registration in NSW requires you to present information about your child’s learning in a particular way and to prepare a plan for their future learning. This chapter will give you all the details you need to confidently prepare for registration or for a re-registration interview. 

First, I will summarise  the law regarding homeschooling in NSW and then give you some ideas about how to register as unschoolers. 

The legal framework 

The legal framework for unschooling in NSW is The Education Act 1990. Under this Act, all of the different styles of home education are lumped together under the term “home schooling”. There is no specific mention of unschooling in the Act. 

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The wisdom of gaming

I think most parents would accept that it is important for children to have time to play. In fact, many of us think that it is great for children to have lots of time to play. Things get more complicated when we start to talk about different types of play. When I was a child I spent a lot of time playing outdoors. I climbed trees, mucked around in the backyard, played games of cricket in the street with neighbours and siblings, went exploring in the bush nearby and spent hours playing with friends in the local pool. When indoors I liked to build and to make things. All of these activities were encouraged by my parents and seen as good, healthy forms of play. Flash forward to the lives of my own two children and things look a lot different.

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