The Deschooling Course


A 3 Week Course to transform your experience of home education into a relaxed, joyful flow.

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Would you like to be a relaxed and confident home educating parent?

The Deschooling Course will help you unlearn the school mindset and bring an end to the stress and struggle.

This 3 week course will help you:

* Understand the school mindset and bring your beliefs about education into awareness.

* Transform your role as a home educator. No need for parent-imposed limits, bribes or nagging.

* Trust your inner wisdom and follow a path that suits your child’s unique needs and learning style.

* Dissolve the struggle with your child by addressing the root cause. Learn how to question your thinking and reframe your problems.

* Document your child’s learning and meet the legal requirements for home education in Australia.

The course is based on over 5 hours of video content, sample documents and articles.


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