Making Peace with Screens and Gaming Course


A 3 part course to help you live in harmony with children and technology.

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How to live in harmoney with children and technology

This course will help you:

* Understand why you’re so anxious and bring your beliefs about screens and gaming into awareness.

* Transform your role as the “screen police”. Learn why parent-imposed limits, rules and nagging can do more harm than good.

* Trust your inner wisdom and follow a path that suits your child and your family. There’s not one “right” way to do this.

* Dissolve the struggle with your child by investigating your own beliefs. Learn how to question your thinking and reframe your problems.

* Learn a system for cooperative problem solving with your family.

* This course will help you feel supported and reassured that your child is OK and that you can find solutions to problems together.

* You can ask questions of an experienced “gamer mum” who has been through all the same anxieties and challenges.

* This course provides a clear and achievable path to a relaxed, joyful family life even with the most passionate gamers and screen users.


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