Joyful Parenting Online Course


A 6 Week Course to transform your experience of parenting into a relaxed, joyful flow.

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Do you want more peace and joy in your family life?

The Joyful Parenting Course will teach you the five skills that help you solve every family problem. Based on the book Joyful Parenting this course is grounded in real life experience and tackles the most challenging issues head-on. Say farewell to stress and conflict, and hello to balance and harmony.

This practical 6 Week Course shows you how to:
• Connect with your inner calm and wisdom, even in the most challenging moments.
• Use easy, quick practices that will transform the way you communicate.
• Dissolve old habits and beliefs that bring stress into your relationships.
• Banish anxiety and struggle and relax into the joyful flow of life.

• Use play to build closeness and connection.

About the author
Freya Dawson’s life was turned upside down by the intense challenges of raising two spirited children. Writer, teacher, home educator and Doctor of Law, she turned her attention towards her children and  exploring her own inner world. In the spiritual awakening that followed, she discovered how to transform her experience as a parent, and the lives of those around her.


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