Awakening, parenting and relationship mentoring

Experience the peace, joy and freedom that are your natural state of Being.

It’s time to move out of stress and reaction and into flow and harmony with yourself and those around you.

I will guide you through a process that will dissolve the stress and worry in your life and connect you deeply to the peace and joy of your own true nature.

Mentoring sessions can be about anything that feels important to you at the moment.

This might be (but is not limited to)……

  • A desire to dissolve patterns of reaction and conflict in relationships with children or other loved ones.
  • Releasing struggle and feelings of overwhelm in day-to-day living,
  • Learning self-love and self-care,
  • Identifying the beliefs that are bringing stress into your life,
  • Guidance on how to connect with your natural state of calm, vibrant Presence or Beingness,
  • Dealing with the intense emotions and struggles of your children or other loved ones,
  • Dealing with your own feelings of anxiety or overwhelm,
  • Supporting your children in their learning and development,
  • Making empowered choices about how you parent your children,
  • Being true to yourself and following your goals and desires in the face of opposition from those around you,

What makes me different from other mentors and coaches

I know that being listened to, guided and encouraged by the right person can make all the difference in your life.

Here’s a taste of what I will bring to our sessions:

  • My skills and understanding have been forged in the intensity, challenges and flow of family life,
  • I have 15 years of mothering experience,
  • I am passionate about my spiritual journey and awakening to a joyful, empowered state of Being,
  • Many years of facilitating support groups, teaching courses and mentoring parents,
  • Deep experience and skills in finding solutions to a wide variety of parenting, family and relationship problems,
  • I have explored and taught practices of of self-realization and self-inquiry such as “The Work” of Byron Katie and the teachings of Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle and Bentinho Massaro,
  • A deep reverence for home life and the flow of days spent with children,
  • Experience in energy healing, alternative heath practices, natural parenting and home education,
  • A strong intuitive sense of where people get caught in patterns of thinking and beliefs that don’t serve them,
  • A deeply supportive and non-judgemental approach.
  • An ability to hold the space for strong feelings and challenging issues,
  • A passion for unlearning and questioning EVERYTHING that gets in the way of ease, joy and unconditional love.



60 min Skype Session $90
90 min Skype Session $120

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