Joyful Parenting

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Say farewell to conflict, and hello to balance and harmony. The five skills to take your family from conflict to connection.

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Do you want more peace and fun in your life?

This is the book you wish you’d been given when your child was born. But be warned – this is not a book of advice. It’s more about finding your own inner wisdom and upgrading your skills to meet your vision of peaceful parenting.

Joyful Parenting will teach you the five skills that let you solve every family problem. This book is grounded in real life experience and tackles the most challenging issues head-on. Say farewell to conflict, and hello to balance and harmony.

This practical, step-by-step guide shows you how to:
• Connect with your inner calm and wisdom, even in the most challenging moments.
• Use easy, quick practices that will transform the way you communicate.
• Dissolve old habits and beliefs that bring stress into your relationships.
• Banish anxiety and struggle and relax into the joyful flow of life.
• Use play to build closeness and connection.

About the author
Freya Dawson’s life was turned upside down by the intense challenges of raising two spirited children. Writer, teacher and Doctor of Law, she used her gifts in research and analysis to explore her own inner world. In the spiritual awakening that followed, she discovered how to transform her experience as a parent, and the lives of those around her.

2 reviews for Joyful Parenting

  1. Ky Long (verified owner)

    Great book. Full of love and practical advice.

  2. Leah

    So much about Freya Dawson’s book “Joyful Parenting” resonated with me. Some of the information helped to cement understanding that I’d already discovered through other authors and teachers, and some was totally new, and quite challenging and mind blowing!

    I was very grateful to have the opportunity to follow up reading the book with one of Freya’s online Joyful Parenting Courses, where it was wonderful to learn more, and share with other parents, and hear others’ experiences under Freya’s gentle and patient guidance.

    I found Freya’s sharing of her experiences in many ways profound, and yet there was so much practical advice – some has been hard for me to get my head and heart around, and it is taking some time and patience. I actually really appreciate that though – this book and course are not about quick fixes or rules for parenting, but about building relationships. I found Freya’s skills very valuable in helping me to get to know myself and accepting myself where I am, and in getting to know my husband and children, and accepting them where they are.

    Thank you Freya. Your book and course have helped me to challenge myself, be more patient with myself, forgive myself, and care for myself more… You helped me in my journey of realising that I need to connect with myself, in order to be able to connect with my children.

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