Private mentoring

Being a parent isn’t easy, but you love what you do and you love the relationship you have with your children.

You have a strong desire to live peacefully with your children and you are willing to look within yourself for your deepest truth. You don’t struggle with your children all the time the way that you used to, but you are hitting a few challenges like…..

    • A stubborn pattern of reaction to your child over a particular issue,
    • Feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion in day-to-day living,
    • Dealing with the intense emotions and struggles of your children,
    • Dealing with your own feelings of anxiety about your child’s learning or behaviour,
    • You struggle with your partner over your approach to parenting,
    • or something else………

I can help.

I know that you’re not looking for someone to solve your problems for you or to give you generic parenting advice. You want strategic guidance that will help you find unique solutions for your own unique family. You also want insights from someone who’s been where you are and can show you what needs to change and how so you can make it happen.

Because once you get past this roadblock, you know you’ll be back in the flow.

I partner with parents who want to live joyfully with their children and just need a little help getting there.

I only work with only a few private clients each month, and each private mentoring is customized to what you need and how I can best serve you.

What makes me different from other mentors and coaches

I know that being listened to, guided and encouraged by the right person can make all the difference in your life.

Here’s a taste of what I will bring to our sessions:

    • My skills and understanding have been forged in the intensity, challenges and flow of family life. What I share is not theory, it is what I’ve learned through my own personal experience over 18 years.
    • I am passionate about my spiritual journey and I’ve reached the point where its actually happened; I’ve awakening to joyful Presence. This isn’t about a particular experience or state of constant bliss. It’s an understanding and a recognition of our true nature. The gift that flows from this awakening is lazer-sharp clarity and fresh perspectives.
    • I’ve spent almost 30 years teaching courses and mentoring other adults. I’ve focused on teaching and mentoring other parents for 10 of those years.
    • I have 18 years in home education (especially Unschooling),
    • I have a strong intuitive sense of where people get caught in patterns of thinking and beliefs that don’t serve them. I also know that we share the same patterns with most other parents! I was the same, so I never judge, no matter how harsh your thoughts may sound to you.
    • I have an ability to hold the space for strong feelings and challenging issues. Nothing shocks me.



60 min Skype, Zoom or Phone Session $90
90 min Skype, Zoom or Phone Session $120

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Be personally guided through my Joyful Parenting Course. You will have all the flexibility you need to schedule sessions to fit your family’s needs.

6 × 1 hour sessions for only $359 or

3 × 1 hour sessions for only $179.


If cost is an impediment to you booking a session or you would like to inquire about concession rates, please contact me directly.


Freya’s support and guidance has inspired me in many ways. She has helped me to open up to a world I didn’t know existed, and shown me how to bring Peace, Joy and Freedom into my life. Her words always point directly to what I am wanting to hear. Such a wise soul. — Leisa

Freya has only ever seen the true me, not the drama, stress, anger, fear and situations. She has always been able to speak to me, directly past all that other stuff to show me how to wade through it and find what the True me wants and needs. From doing this with her I have come to place where I am stronger, well, following my joys, my relationships have improved with my children and husband. I am no longer a slave to my built up walls of protection from the ‘world’, I no longer go to bed with a anxiety and constant worry. I am free to be me, because I have had all I needed within me all along… Freya has helped me see that. — Keely

Freya has intuitively known how to guide me to reconnect with my own personal experience of pure love and joy. No matter what’s been happening in my life or what inner turbulence I’ve been experiencing, she has without fail, led my awareness back to my heart space. — Jodie

Freya taught me a simple way to not make my family responsible for my sadness or happiness. I have a better understanding of my roles for me and for my family and the teenage years have rolled on much happier! Valuable skills for not just the Mother/Child relationship, but for all relationships. — Julia